A View from the Ivory Tower 3Ivory Tower View (Triptych). Acrylic on Canas on Wood. 2009.

My Office

Antiquum Officium Professoris. Photograph. 2010

DSCN2002 copy        Sketch of Perseus and Andromeda

Golden Chains. Acrylic, 2010           Perseus (sketch). Acrylic, 2009

Sunrise at Autun     The Morning's Voice

Soleil Levant, Autun. Acrylic, 2001        |       Morning Voice. Oil, 1995

Woman of Apocalyse                    Dammer Bridge on Planet Owellan

Apocalyptic Woman (sketch). acrylic, 2012   |     Dammer Bridge, Owellan. acrylic, 2009

Kantara Painting vs 2     Here Rides the Rainbow Demon on His Horse of Crimson Fire

Kantara Castle     |           Rainbow Demon, Horse of Crimson Fire

   (version 2), Acrylic, 2007        |                    Acrylic, 2005

Presentation of the Grail to the Fisherprincess

Court of the Fisher Queen. oil, 1994

Pinkie Cleugh                                    Dividal Castle In Norway

Ms. Pinkie Cleugh, graphite, 2008       |      Slottet i Øvre-Dividal. graphite, 1994

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