C.A.S. and colleagues excavating a medieval burial of a child at  Usharal-Ilibalyk, Kazakhstan, (taken 2019).

Charles Stewart Cyprus copy

C.A.S. at the Cathedral of the Panagia Chrysopolitissa, Paphos (Cyprus), fourth-century (taken 2006).

Gizeh Charles Stewart C.A.S. at the Great Pyramids of Giza (Egypt). c. 2580–2560 BC (taken 2007).

Jerusalem Charles Stewart

C.A.S. at the Dome on the Rock (Jerusalem). completed in 691 (taken 2005).

Istanbul Charles Stewart

C.A.S. at the Hagia Sophia (Istanbul), built in 532 (taken 2006).


C.A.S. examining a mosaic in Hagia Sophia (Istanbul) (taken 2006).


Christ Pantokrator flanked by Emperor Constantine IX Monomachos and Empress Zoe Porphyrogenita, mosaic, ca. 1030, Hagia Sophia (southwest gallery), Istanbul (taken 2006)


C.A.S. at Didymos Castle (Cyprus), 13th-century tracery (taken 2005).

Picture 2 Stewart excavation Kazakhstan.JPG

C.A.S. excavating a medieval mudbrick structure at Usharal-Ilibalyk, Kazakhstan, (taken 2016).


Crossroads HMNS 2017 b.jpg

C.A.S. lecturing at the Houston Museum of Natural Science (2017).

CAS teaching at a museum 2C.A.S. teaching college students at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (2019)



CAS teaching at a elementary school

C.A.S.’s guest lecture at an elementary school (2019)



C.A.S. delivering a paper for a conference on the island of Paros, Greece (2013).

Dotia Tower Chios Greece.JPG

C.A.S.  at the Tower of Dotia near Pyrgi village, island of Chios, Greece (2016).



View from St. Hilarion chapel, in the castle of Didymos Castle (later known as St. Hilarion’s Castle), Cyprus. eleventh century.

DSCN8857                DSCN0098

Hagia Eirene, Constantinople. 548.        |        Hagia Sophia,Thessaloniki. 7th c.

DSCN8603               DSCN8264

Golden Gate, Constantinople, ca 400.         |         Hagios Georgios,Thessaloniki, 306.

DSCN9028                 DSCN0093

SS Sergios & Bacchus, Constantinople, 527.   |  Hagios Demetrios,Thessaloniki, 7th c.


Panagia Ekatontapyliani, Paros (Greece), mid-5th c.

IMG_6909                  IMG_7709

SS Cosmas & Damian, Rome, ca. 435       |     Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome, 527.



Sveti Georgi, Sofia (Bulgaria), late 3rd and 4th century

Foujita Madonna and Child 1973                 Matisse Cross Vatican 

Léonard Foujita, Hodegetria,        |       Henri Matisse, Crucifix

    oil and gold on canvas. 1920.      |       (for Vence Altar), bronze, 1951.

(Vatican Museum)

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