Books (Authored)

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Domes of Heaven: The Domed Basilicas of Cyprus. Published Dissertation (Ann Arbor: UMI, 2008) (ISBN: 978-0-54975-556-2)

Books (Co-Authored and Edited)

1a. ARS 20 a cover a

Cyprus and the Balance of Empires: Art and Archaeology from Justinian I to the Coeur de Lion, edited by Annemarie Weyl Carr and Thomas Davis, CAARI Monograph Series, no. 5/ Archaeological Report Series (ARS), no. 20 (Boston: American Schools of Oriental Research, 2014) (ISBN: 978-0-89757-073-2) click here

Book (Co-Edited)

English translation of Παραλίμνι: Ο Ναός του Αγίου Γεώργιου/Paralimni: The Church of St. George by Dr. Sophocles Sophocleus (Nicosia: Centre of Cultural Heritage/Metropolitan Church, 2009) click here

Book Chapters

“Hallowed Halls: Domed-Hall Church in Byzantine Cyprus”, Architecture and Visual Culture in the Late Antique and Medieval Mediterranean: Studies in Honor of Robert G. Ousterhout [Architectura Medii Aevi 14], eds. V. Marinis, A. Papalexandrou, and J. Pickett (Turnhout: Brepols, 2021): 163-178. click here

“Expressing Christian Identity on the Silk Road” (with T.W. Davis), Religions of Kazakhstan and Central Asia on the Great Silk Road, ed. K. Baipakov (Paris: UNESCO, forthcoming 2018)

Chapter 1: “Fresco-painting in Early Byzantine Cyprus,” in Melusine of Cyprus: Studies in Art, Architecture, and Visual Culture in Honor of Annemarie Weyl Carr (Leiden: Brill, forthcoming 2019)

Chapter 22: “Development of Byzantine Monuments within the Natural Environment,” in Environment, landscape and society: diachronic perspectives on settlement patterns in Cyprus [CAARI Monograph Series: 6] (Boston: American Schools of Oriental Research, forthcoming 2019)

Chapter 2.4: “Churches,” in The Oxford Handbook of Early Christian Archaeology, eds. T. Davis, W. Caraher and D. Pettegrew (Oxford/New York: Oxford University Press, 2019)  click here

“Modular Design in the Vaulting of Early Byzantine Cisterns and Reservoirs,” in Against Gravity, ed. by R. Ousterhout, L. Haselburger, and R. Holod (Philadelphia: Center for Ancient Studies/University of Pennsylvania, forthcoming 2015) click here

Chapter 7: “The Fortification of Cyprus within the Grand Strategy of the Byzantine Empire (965-1185),” ‘Byzantium’ in Transition, Volume 2: Middle to Late Byzantine or Early Frankish era, 12th – 13th centuries, edited by Athanasios Vionis (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, forthcoming)

Chapter 16: “Early Byzantine Military Architecture in Cyprus,” The Archaeology of Late Antique and Byzantine Cyprus (4th – 12th centuries AD): [Centre d’études Chypriotes, Cahier 43], ed. by Maria Parani and Demetrios Michaelides (Paris: De Boccard, 2013), 285-304. click here

Chapter 27: “Flying Buttresses & Pointed Arches in Byzantine Cyprus,” in Masons At Work, ed. by R. Ousterhout, L. Haselburger, and R. Holod (Philadelphia: Center for Ancient Studies/University of Pennsylvania, 2012) click here

Articles (Peer-Reviewed)

“The Four-Petal Almond Rosette in Central Asia,” Bulletin of IICAS (International Institute for Central Asian Studies, UNESCO) 30 (2020), 69-88.ICAS 30 coverSTEWART_offprint_IICAS_Bulletin_30_2020_English

Russian language version as: Чарльз Энтони Стюарт, “Четырехлепестковая миндалевидная розетка в Центральной Азии”, Вестник МИЦАИ 30 (2020): 71-90.  click here

“The Christian Community of Medieval Ilibalyk: Initial Archaeological Investigations of a Medieval Site in Southeastern Kazakhstan” (with D. Voyakin and S. Gilbert), История и археология Турана № 5 [History and Archaeology of Turana 5 (UNESCO: Samarkand)] (2020): 356-367. click here

“A Byzantine Image of Alexander: Literature in Stone,” Report of the Department of Antiquities Cyprus. New Series (Nicosia: Government Publications, 2018): 141-201.  click here

“Architectural Innovation in Early Byzantine Cyprus,” Architectural History 57 [published by the Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain, London] (2014): 1-29. click here

“The Barrel-Vaulted Basilicas of Cyprus,” Proceedings of the 4th International Cyprological Congress, Lefkosia, 29 April –3 May 2008, vol. 2 (Nicosia: Etaireīa Kypriakōn Spoudōn, forthcoming)

“The First Vaulted Churches in Cyprus,” Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians 69.2 (June, 2010): 162-189. click here

“The Nail Trade in Missouri: Archaeological Evidence at the Hickman House,” Missouri Folklore Society Journal 22 (2000):1-12. [Truman University]  click here

Book Reviews

Review of Rachel Hachlili, Ancient Synagogues – Archaeology and Art (Leiden: Brill, 2013), in The Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research (BASOR) 378 (November 2017): 238-239.  STEWART Review of Hachlili 2018

Liner Notes

“Masterpieces of the Virgin Mary in Houston” (liner notes) in December’s Rose, conducted by Dr. Brady Knapp (Orcas, WA: Gothic Records, 2017): 4-6.

“The Chapel” (liner notes) in Sacred Music form the Chapel of Saint-Basil, conducted by Dr. Brady Knapp (Orcas, WA: Gothic Records, 2016): 4-6.  Music from the Chapel of St. Basil

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